What are Blueprint Sessions?

BLUEPRINT is an artistic practice that serves as a choreographic lab, providing a unique space for movers, dancers, acrobats, and individuals interested in bridging the gap between improvisation and fixed material. 
By incorporating various tools, notably notation, BLUEPRINT empowers participants to discover and develop distinct movement qualities beyond their existing pattern sets. The ultimate goal is to facilitate the convergence of improvisation and a fixed score, enabling participants to learn communication-based creation tools that combine both mental and physical approaches to creation.

 BLUEPRINT stands as an inclusive choreographic method that values the potential of every individual, irrespective of disability, age, gender, or color.
vanholzers Company utilizes Blueprint to create powerful pieces where each participant, including the "chorus," plays a vital role. 
The method's constant construction and adaptability allow for its continued evolution and relevance. By fostering a community where individual strengths shine and emphasizing exchange and contribution, Blueprint creates an environment that celebrates diversity, cultivates collaboration, and promotes the transformative power of movement.