Our Project

vanholzers is an interdisciplinary performing arts company founded in 2021 that produces high-quality artistic projects. The purpose of this project is to be in constant dialogue with other creative disciplines and to push the limits of what dance is capable of. 


"As we watch the performance on stage, we are thrilled to see well-developed compositions and visuals that fill us with anticipation (...) It appears that Raphael MirĂ³ Holzer has achieved stylistic unity as well as a strong purity of choreographic line in a markedly aestheticized choreographic action that is quite dark, suggesting a sense of black poetry."
*Zelma Alamaleh, Bulgarian journalist

 "A scenic performance in which the seven dancers show their versatile skills, with colorful balloons raining down. Long applause for a splendidly danced choreography."               
*Kasch, nachrichten.at

"The work of Raphael Miro Holzer is visually and intellectually stunning.
I respect how he does not compromise with his art and that he continues on his path and tells stories in an original manner."

*Margarita Arnaudova

 "This triple bill provided a truly unparalleled experience! For such a young choreographer he seems to have an excellent intuition for the dramaturgy of such a complex evening. Hope to see more by Raphael Miro Holzer soon. 
*Audience member, Tanztage 2023